who we are

We handle each project with a unique perspective and a collaborative spirit because we want to share in the pride of our clients’ smiles. We love doing what we do best and so we treat every task with prompt attention as if it’s our first job ever.

We appreciate that time is an invaluable asset to the success of every project and so we are swift to combine innovative approaches with strong design sensibility and a keen focus on usability, providing our clients the best results possible. From the first brief through to delivery, we make sure we do not lose touch with our clients so we can catch a glimpse of that memorable contented beam.

Coupled with our innovative problem-solving and client satisfaction reputations, we maintain the best of cordial relationships with all our clients, making sure they always remember how much we cherish them as members of the Indes Procom family.


Our Core Values

In pursuit of our vision and mission, we are guided by three important principles (core values) that inform the behaviour and decisions of our team on a daily basis. These values embody who we are and help the team to make distinct decisions that facilitate the realisation of the company’s vision of becoming the most preferred choice in creative visual communication.

who we are


We believe in the rudiments and essentials of innovation that urges us to aspire, choose, discover, evolve, accelerate, scale, extend and mobilize to delight our cherished clients. We constantly challenge ourselves to the fore to bring out the innate creative power to birth a carefully executed task, tailored to the preference of our clients.

Our understanding of the creative processes stimulates our thinking to give our clients' image a fresh perspective. From concept development through to final implementation, we help our clients build an outstanding competitive presence.

We know what it means to create the simple to the complex, using standard industry software solutions. We know how it feels to be creative and we love just the way it feels.

who we are


We strictly adhere to ethical principles and character in our approach to satisfying our clients. To preserve our integrity, we hold high the in-depth words of the great German Physicist, Albert Einstein: "Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." We are upfront with our clients and we are sure to do the right thing; even when no one is watching, for we believe that success without integrity is failure.

Our high quality of honesty and our premium on the moral principles of our clients are standing oaths we constantly uphold; none to be compared. We are whole and undivided to the commitment of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

who we are


We love what we do, but more importantly, we demonstrate immense respect for the profession, colleagues, clients, audiences or consumers, and the society at large. We always administer resourceful counsel, exhibit courtesy and responsibility when dealing with either our first-time clients or regular clients. These attributes define us and distinguish our team from any other.

We do not start out making promises, unless we are certain of delivery. We believe that professionalism is a long-ingrained approach to work and work-related situations, which takes conscious effort and consistency. That is why we make sure we learn to be best at what we do and do our best to learn to do more than we always have.

We are driven by our Values